Destroy opponent tanks.

Every time you destroy an opponent tank, you earn points that can be used to upgrade your tank.

- Arrow keys or WASD: move your tank
- Left mouse button: shoot
- Right mouse button: enable/disable automatic shooting

Artificial intelligence:
There are 3 different tanks, each one with different behaviour.

UPDATE - version 0.5 (2021-06-08):
- new types of enemy tanks
- improvements in AI
- new sounds

UPDATE - version 0.6 (2021-06-11):
- new types of player tanks (Triple Shot and Penta Shot)
- added music
- other minor improvements

UPDATE - version 0.8 (2021-07-04):
- added 11 new player tanks!

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Thanks for playing!


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Isn't it so great when you are super far into a run and a red tank spawns on top of you and instantly kills you upon entering an arena? Also, the AI is not fixed, they are still getting stuck in corners, other than that, this is way too addiciting.

Hi BiggerBrain, thanks for playing!

To avoid being killed by a tank on top of your tank, you can upgrade your body damage. That way, the enemy tank will lose life quickly when it is on top of your tank!

Upgrading max life and life regen will also help a bit to avoid being killed that way.

I programmed the game to avoid a tank appearing too near your tank, but if the tank is faster than you, it will reach you very fast and you will not be able to evade it if your tank is slower.

Maybe I can program the enemy to never become too near your tank, but in that case I would need to remove the "body damage" upgrade, because this upgrade would not make sense anymore.

I also will continue improving the AI in future updates.

Thanks for the feedback!

Every time the enemy tank is stucked in corner. Range of bullet is small so you have to follow enemy into the corner and try to avoid his shoot.
Anyway pretty nice concept, have potential. Keep it up, I like it.

Thank you for playing! I will soon improve enemy artificial intelligence and add different tank behaviours. Thanks.

Hi, I published a new version and updated the AI of the red tank, so it don't stay stucked in the corner anymore.